The animated guide to synthetic biology | Explanimators: Episode 10

Many things have changed. We’ve made it possible for machines to do things that were once impossible since the 1843 invention of the computer algorithm. Recent quantum computing advances have allowed programming to be applied to the fundamental unit structures of our cosmos. Synthetic biology aims to achieve the same. It tries to understand the basic building blocks of life in microbes as well as in our bodies. Episode 10 Synthetic Biology Explanimators: The digital platforms that we have been creating for years are helping us finally understand the infinite wisdom within all of us.

We draw on decades of computing experience to apply engineering to biology and reorganize natural mechanisms to find new solutions.

While fertilizer is vital for sustaining a growing planet’s population, it also contributes to five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our agricultural partners have reprogrammed soil microbes so that they symbiotically transfer nutrients to the roots of plants. This results in zero emissions. Microbes have been programmed by our manufacturing partners to make fully biodegradable plastics on an industrial scale. This includes green plastic bags. Our health care partners also have T cell gene therapies, which reprogram the immune cells of children with cancer to kill and recognize lymphoma and leukemia cells.